Sea Islands Ring Swing Game

Sea Islands Ring Swing Game

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Assembling Your Ring Swing Game:

1. Measure 64 inches up from the floor and drill a starter hole.

2. Insert the large hook through the target and screw in into the hole.

3. Use the 2 small nails provided to secure the target to the wall.

4. Measure 60 inches straight back from the target and make a mark on the ceiling directly above you. Which would be 5 feet from the wall in a direct line to the target.

5. Tie the loose end of the string to the leader attached to the 2 inch ring.

6. When the string is the correct length, the hook on the wall will be in the center of the ring when you hold the ring over the hook.



Stand back directly in front of the hook. Swing the ring very gently. Keep practicing your throw until you are hitting the hook on the wall. Now modify your swing slightly by throwing the ring just a little bit to the left or right of the hook. With a little swing in your throw you will find the ring will loop over the hook, and BAM you got it. GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY SWINGING!